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Marie-Eleana First, Attorney at Law

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I need a legal consultation? I only have a simple question and just need help filling out a simple form.


A. One question I have been repeatedly asked over the years when people call is whether I can answer just “one simple question” or help them “fill out the form.” While the question or forms may appear simple, the reality is that they far from simple.  This is because each person has their own individual set of facts, with a different immigration history, dates and timelines of events. Each individual set of FACTS, must be ANALYZED in relation to regulations, statutes, policy memos, and case law.  As incredible as it may sound, just as little as twenty-four hours of one single event happening could make a huge difference in the legal analysis and recommendations of an immigration case.


In order for me to find out about the facts of your case, I need to find out about your life, including your past immigration history, whether you are married or single, children, if you have family in the U.S.  I then also find out what are your hopes, dreams  and goals, what you want to accomplish while in the United States.


Q. What happens before a consultation?


A. You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire from our office regarding your personal and unique details; this includes your biographic information, and immigration history.  You will be required to pay a legal consultation fee.


Q. What documents do I bring to a consultation?


A. The single most important document to bring with you is your valid passport, a current valid picture identification or birth certificate. Other documents you are asked to bring are relevant documents to your case including passports, valid picture identification, birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce and or adoption decrees, arrest records and any previously filed immigration applications/petitions, and any correspondence that you may have sent or received from USCIS.


Q. How long is the consultation?


A. Please allow about an hour for the consultation; this includes the time it takes to fill out the questionnaire.  It is important that the attorney finds out and understands the unique and personal details of each person.