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Marie-Eleana First, Attorney at Law

FirstLaw NY… Because When It Comes To Immigration Law, One Size Does Not Fit All

What to expect when you call.  One question I get asked repeatedly when people call is if they could ask and I could answer just “one simple question.”


The reality is that while that question may seem like it is simple, in reality, it is just simply not.  In order to properly answer the question, the particular facts pertaining to the person must be gathered, then analyzed and applied to the law. After all of that, a legal opinion can be given, which would be the part about answering the question.  So, a simple question, one that is really important and pertains to a person’s immigration status, in the United States, is just not simple.


In order for me to answer the question intelligently and carefully, I need to find out about the facts of your case, the facts of your case as they pertain to you, significant things include the timing of events and biographical information.  I then need to find out what are your goals, hopes, dreams, aspirations, and long-term goals. Then I take all of these facts and apply to a complicated complex series of regulations, statutes, policy and case law to help you and to figure out the answer.