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Wilson N - Brooklyn, NY
I'm glad I found Marie-Eleana First when I needed an immigration lawyer to help out with my status. Her fees are reasonable and she is a very agreeable person. It was really great to work with her and she stays on top of all her cases. I have known her for almost two years while working on my case. She has a reasonable fee of $100 dollar for consultation(not sure if it has changed). The first consultation was what convinced me she was someone I should be working with. All my meetings with her never felt rushed and she made sure I was comfortable with everything she explained. I was really nervous upon meeting her because I thought she would be one of those lawyers that has a time limit with each client. However, that wasn't the case.
Nicole A - Brooklyn, NY
Where do I even begin! Marie-Eleana First is an awesome person and immigration lawyer. My husband and I are thrilled and blessed to have worked with her on our journey through dating, marriage and Greencard for my husband who I met in Italy (I am from New York). We fell in love and moved from Italy back to New York and have had our first baby together..we decided to live in America! So.. thanks to Marie-Eleana my husband is officially able to work and live and be in this great country! When we first met Marie-Eleana (we were recommended to her by another wonderful lawyer), she sat us down in her office which is a peaceful lovely environment and explained to us all of our immigration options, what would personally be best for us. My husband needed to travel for work (he is a musician) and she helped us through every fine detail we needed to know and do to embark on getting his Greencard in the best way possible... we loved speaking to her and felt so comfortable and excited to work with her every step of the way, she is so patient, personal, brilliant and talented at what she does. She is a dreammaker! She helped us make our dreams come true! She held our hand through the whole process, from the marriage to the interviews, prepared us, sent us perfect lists of everything we needed to gather to share our story...she was there for us every step of the way and when had repeated questions and thoughts, it was like working with a dear friend and one who wants you to succeed! We love her! And we are forever grateful that we have such an amazing lawyer and heartfelt warm person in Marie-Eleana. The day my husband got his Greencard we stood outside the immigration office with Marie-Eleana and hugged and cried and thanked her endlessly for everything she has done for us, it was a lot of work and she does it quickly, wisely, perfectly, and with so much heart and soul. She is a gem. We both recommend her in the highest favor. You will be so happy and blessed to have Marie-Eleana First on your team!

Martina G - South River, NJ

Marie-Eleana is very friendly and professional. She knows the immigration laws and follows the procedure. I can't express enough how wonderful she has treated me. Marie-Eleana answered all of my question completely. She helped me with my  immigration case successfully!!!   The process and fees were explained in detail. Strongly recommend this attorney!!!

Desiree A - Hollywood, FL
After having many difficulties with the U.S. consulates around the world, Marie-Eleana was recommended to me by a former Entertainment colleague. She dove right in with a no-nonsense type of attitude and guided my husband and I through the process and ensured we never missed a beat. We quickly understood what needed to be done and Marie-Eleana took care of the many 'confusing' immigration issues so many people deal with daily while trying to connect with their loved ones. We found her to be extremely professional and incredibly knowledgeable of how the immigration laws work. Her work was organized and she was always punctual. I'd highly recommend Marie-Eleana to any individual or family working towards the common goal of residing in the United States.
Marie-Eleana was simply the best, we would not hesitate hiring her again if needed.
Woramon J - Manhattan, NY
I walked in the door with a difficult H1B case. I thought I was going to get rejected by her like other lawyers since there was so much work to do in order to get my case approved. All she said to me at the very end of our initial consultation was "It's very tricky but I'm down". I was very impressed. She's a very professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated lawyer. She knows her field very well and understands what it needs to get the work done. She makes sure you can always contact her for whatever questions and concerns you have. I couldn't thank her enough for the time and effort she put into my case. It was such a pleasure working with her and letting her handle my case. I would totally recommend anyone who needs an excellent immigration lawyer to her.

Claudia D - Manhattan, NY

The best part of working with Marie-Eleana First is... You deal directly with her, the Lawyer representing you and handling your case, no secretaries or paralegals. I was referred by a friend after doing a lot of searching around for the right representation, I can say that after a vast research, I found that the price was right, definitely no hidden fees, she is very professional and personal, she took us all the way through our process and was always prompt to answer any question, I always got a call back from her, I definitely recommend using her as your Immigration Lawyer.

Rene M - Bronx, NY

Marie-Eleana is the best lawyer i have worked with on my immigration case. She was very dedicated to my case and followed up on every little detail. She not only demonstrated her legal savvy but also showed alot of empathy and optimism. This gave me more hope that we were riding towards a positive outcome. I like her energy , kindness of heart and gentility. I was referred to her by a friend of mine and I must admit that she is worth every penny she demands and even more. I am tempted to believe that there a special luck that comes with working with her , given that most of the cases like mine, always end successfully.I worked with some previous lawyers but they ended up making my case even more complicated than it was and they were unscrupulous. I would recommend any one who needs a serious and intelligent lawyer to contact Marie-Eleana cos she makes a difference.

Boris B - New York, NY

Straight forward, accessible lawyer that listens and has a welcoming demeanor. She knows her field very well and get's the job done fast. Everything gets explained, so I knew exactly what to expect. I will be back for my citizenship... highly recommended.